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Order guidelines for holiday deliverY:

Order apparel by December 7

Order books + paper goods by December 14

The Plant Lover  The 2021 Stop Shrinking Calendar features a beautiful, full color image of a plant each month in addition to an affirmation writing prompt.  BUY


The Encourager   The #DoYourWork notecard set is perfect for the person that likes to send handwritten notes. The notecard set is also great to use in place of greeting cards. It includes a notecard of the fan favorite quote: "An easier assignment is not coming. Do your work."   BUY


The Healer   From a Goodreads review of Survivor's Guilt: "...[it] makes for an incredibly compelling and deep look at the hard internal work of healing from trauma and the changes that grow out of that work. As someone doing my own healing work, I found this to be a helpful look at how I could approach doing that work as well as comforting knowing that it is possible to grieve and mourn and learn from the dark things that happen to us."  BUY


The Dreamer & The Doer   Gift this tee to your favorite dreamer or optimist! Or share this super comfy tee with someone special to let them know you believe in them and support them. BUY


The Littles   BREATHE is a children's book that features meditation. It's written in rhyming verse and brings about calm to any reading of it.  BUY

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