Julia Mallory is a writer, poet and creative. In November 2016, her debut collection of poetry, Black Mermaids, was released. Its title poem details a reimagining of the mythology surrounding mermaids: What if during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, kidnapped Africans aboard slave ships that attempted to flee or were thrown overboard in turn became Black Mermaids?

In the summer of 2017, she released a children’s book, Kareemah and the Black Mermaids (buy) in an effort to address both the demand for more portrayals of mermaids of color for younger audiences and the need for more children’s literature featuring ethnically and racially diverse main characters. Her latest book is BREATHE, about a little boy that meditates with his dad (buy) 

An engaging performer, Julia’s poetry and prose dazzles on both the page and the stage. 

Julia is the mother of three children: Julian (deceased), Jaya, and Kareem. She holds degrees from Elizabethtown College and Eastern University. 

"As a creative, poetry is my first love but writing children's books is the love 

I didn't know I needed. Black Mermaids is the space where all of that love manifests." - Julia

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